Thursday, July 2, 2009

T-Shirt Update

Fat Rabbit has the t-shirt design and order list. The only thing left is to get and approve the proof of the design. July 21 was marked as the latest the shirts should be ready. I'll get them delivered as soon as possible after I get them. If you didn't already pay for what you ordered, I'll obviously want money (cash or check, made payable to Rick Wellbeloved-Stone) before I hand over the shirt(s).

Your Fearless 2009 T-Shirt Gopher,
Jean Lightner Norum

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2009 Apparel Sale

Show your support for Myo Sim Karate and Kendo at ACAC by purchasing something from the latest edition of Myo Sim apparel! The top image below will appear on the back of each item, while the front will feature the bottom image (that's "Myo Sim Karate and Kendo" written in calligraphy). Please note that the size of the images here is misleading. The one on the back will "fill" the back of the shirt; the one on the front will appear much smaller and in a "pocket" position. Designs can be printed in white or black ink as long as the same color is used for both the front and the back.

T-shirt back:

T-shirt front:

The following shirt styles are available at the costs noted. To see the available colors, click on the style name and, then, "View in Gallery."

Youth Pigment-Dyed, Short-Sleeve T-Shirt - $20.00

Adult Pigment-Dyed, Short-Sleeve T-Shirt - $20.00

Adult Pigment-Dyed, Long-Sleeve T-Shirt - $30.00

Adult Pigment-Dyed, Pullover Sweatshirt - $50.00

Adult Pigment-Dyed, Zippered Sweatshirt - $55.00

Order forms will be distributed in classes and at workouts, and should be returned, with payment, to an instructor by June 22. Make checks payable to Rick Wellbeloved-Stone. Shirts should be available in early July.

Questions? You can ask Jean Norum by leaving a comment here.